Infinite Use Detail Juice 8oz Bottle This magical concoction of detailing juiciness concentrate has a plethora of wonderful uses, including,but not limited to: Rinseless Wash, Waterless Wash, Water Softener, Detail Spray, Spray Wax, Clay Bar Lubricant, Interior Wipe, and Glass Cleaner.

Beyond Infinity Sealant Wipe this sealant on and walk away. It takes less than 8 minutes to seal an entire vehicle! This product produces aradiant, carnauba like glow that is sure to turn heads while protecting your investment. Cross-linking polymers and ease of use make this a "must have" for your detailing arsenal.

Infinite Purpose Cleaner Ready to Use - Imagine only needing one cleaner for everything... Here it is! This awesome cleaner is the right choice for all cleaning, in or out of your vehicle.

  Infinite Use Detail Juice Products Garry Dean's Infinite Diamond Shield

Garry Dean's Infinite Diamond Shield

Garry Dean's Infinite Diamond Shield
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This silica based, nano-glass coating, will resist light scratches and swirl marks, give fantastic UV protection from the sun's harmful rays, and can last up to two years with proper maintenance (We have only tested the longevity of this product doing maintenance washes regularly, using our Infinite Suds Auto Spa Shampoo and our Infinite Use Detail Juice.) Prepare to be "WOWED" by the shimmering glow and phenomenal depth you're about to witness.

This coating is slammed full of value! Compare the longevity, looks, ease of use, and price per application, to all of the other coatings on the market!

Caution: Do not consume this coating, it is not a snack! If you get it in your eyes or ingest, contact a physician immediately.

Directions: Wash, dry, and decontaminate the surface to be coated. Wipe surface with a 50/50 mix of isophrophyl alcohol and distilled water mix, to prep the surface for the coating. Can be applied by hand or dual action polisher on low speed, with a foam applicator. Spray 1 spray on applicator per 2x2 ft section. Work the product in until it disappears. Leave any residue to be wiped away after the entire vehicle has been coated. An additional layer can be applied after 3 hours. Let product cure for 3 hours before introducing to the elements. You can "top" this with your favorite wax or sealant, but it is not necessary. The applicator is reuseable if you wash it immediately with an all purpose cleaner, like our infinite Purpose Cleaner, or a detergent based soap.
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